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Talking to Kids About School Safety was written by Dr. Ron Stephens and the National School Safety Center and published by VisdomK12 as part of their Risk Intelligence program for schools. It is being offered at no charge to you in recognition of America's Safe Schools Week. It's yours, FREE and for the asking.

what does your child know

about school dangers

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To recognize America's Safe Schools Week

October 16 - 22

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No other issue in K12 EDUCATION is more important than SCHOOL SAFETY.

Schools must be safe places to LEARN, WORK, and PLAY.

Talking to Kids About School Safety  was designed as an interactive survey and discussion guide that parents can do with their children.

Let your kids tell you what they see everyday, and let them do it in the comfort of their own home. Explore these important issues and more with this invaluable guide:

This valuable tool is part survey, part discussion guide. It was designed as an activity for parents and kids, developed by school safety experts at the National School Safety Center to explore the things that make students feel unsafe at school.

It's not always easy to hear about these things, but it's critical that parents, kids, and school officials talk about them.

Download your free copy today and talk to your child.

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Talking to Kids About School Safety  can be done in less than an hour making it an ideal family activity. It includes 13 survey-like questions and discussion prompts for parents to help capture insights and observations from their kids.

It also includes a handy scoring table that produces an overall SAFETY SENSE score.

That means you'll get an exact reading of how safe or unsafe your child feels at school.

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Verbal & physical bullying

Social Media bullying




Property loss

Inappropriate physical contact