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 A special invitation for PARENTS to talk with your kids about SCHOOL SAFETY.  Presented by the San Juan BOCES and Kathy Morris, Regional Safe School Coordinator.

School Safety is one of our biggest priorities. Please take a little time with your school-aged children and complete this survey-based activity designed especially for parents to explore the things that make children feel safe or unsafe at school.


1. DOWNLOAD the ENGLISH  or SPANISH version and print.

2. SCHEDULE some time with your school-age children (we suggest 30 minutes) to complete the survey/activity.

3. RETURN the completed survey form to your child's school.

4. For your convenience it is possible to record your responses online. We highly recommend that you still download the English or Spanish version, and use it with your children. Then, go online and record your child's responses.

Online ENGLISH version

Online SPANISH version

5. Your child's responses are completely CONFIDENTIAL. You will not be asked to provide any personal information.

6. The RESULTS of this activity will be used to help the San Juan BOCES and your child's school make our schools safer places to learn, work, and play.


Thank You

From All of Us at Your San Juan BOCES